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Human Gender-Differences Fun Facts

Woman and man plastic faces

Who Has More Depth...Complexity?

Yes, women do have more depth and complexity (when we are considering their genes)—and science has the proof!

It's all in the chromosomes. According to the Los Angeles Times, men are the product of an X and a Y chromosome. Their maleness is in the Y chromosome. However, Y is usually the inactive genes. Therefore, men’s genetic instructions are found in one chromosome, the X. Women, on the other hand, have more genetic instructions since they are the product of two X chromosomes.

Who Has a More Sophisticated Sense of Humor?

Historic photos of people laughing (Library of Congress)Library of Congress historic photos

Stanford University researchers found that women have a classier sense of humor than men. The researchers gave men and women humorous cartoons to look at while having their brains monitored with an MRI. Men showed a lot less activity in their brains than women. Men expected the cartons to be funny and started laughing sooner without much thought. Women evaluated the cartoons with much more thought; their brains showed that they experienced more delight with each cartoon. The study revealed also why men enjoy the shallow slapstick humor more than women.

Who's Faster?

She might be faster than Jesse OwensJesse Owens

In the Olympics of 2156, women will beat men in the 100-meter run. According to Nature, the time difference between men’s and women’s speed in the 100-meter run has been shrinking. If the time difference continues to shrink as it has been throughout the 1900s, by 2156, women will be faster than men, at least in the 100-meter run.

Who Has More Cooties?

Boys have cooties!

90% of women wash their hands after using a public restroom; 75% of men do (American Society for Microbiology).

Girls have cooties!

70% of men shower daily. 57% of women shower daily (Harris Interactive).

Scientists Prove that Girls Have More Cooties Than Boys

Dirty hands

Even though men are less sanitary than women, they carry fewer bacteria. Researchers at the University of Colorado analyzed bacteria they gathered from the hands of college students. They found that each person carried an average of about 150 species of bacteria on their hands.

However, what surprised them was the gender-difference result. Women carried twice the number of bacteria species than men did, even though women wash their hands more often and are more sanitary. Scientists do not know the reason for the difference—they could only speculate (male hormones, male-skin acidity?).

High School Is for Girls

80% of school discipline is done to boys.

High school dropout: 80% boys, 20% girls.

Momma's Boy

14% of 25-34 year old men live with their parents. 8% of 25-34 year old women live with their parents (US Census Bureau).

A Mirror


A woman spends an average of 2 years of her life time looking at herself in the mirror; a man spends 6 months.

However, men look at a reflection of themselves as often as womnen do; it is just that women take longer looks due to more necessary maintenance a woman has to do in front of a mirror.

Bla Bla Bla

A woman speaks about 7,000 words a day; a man speaks about 2,000.

Men Drivers Are Bad for the Environment


British men waste 6 million hours of driving each year (burning gas and polluting their environment) because they do not stop to ask for directions.


They feel your pain!Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin

Women are much more empathetic than men. Neuroscientists at University College London monitored on an MRI scan 16 women’s brain activities while the women received electric shocks. Their brains showed activities in both emotional and sensory regions. Later neuroscientists shocked the women’s romantic partners while the women watched. The women showed the same activities in their emotional region of the brain as when the women themselves were getting shocked, though no activity appeared in their sensory region.

Men don’t listen!

Man and womanWomen should not blame men for “not listening.” It is not their fault—this is the scientific explanation according to

Since women’s voices have many more frequencies than men’s, the human brain must work harder to analyze sound frequencies and comprehend the meaning intended.

Hyperactive Boys and Girls

There are many more hyperactive boys than there are hyperactive girls. However, hyperactive boys normally cease being hyperactive as they grow. Hyperactive girls, on the other hand, become more distressed, perform poorly in school, become involved in abusive relationships, and get pregnant earlier in life. The study (done by researchers from the Université de Montréal and the University College London) attributed this difference to the lack of programs that help young girls deal with being hyperactive. The study tracked 881 girls for 15 years (between the ages 6 and 21).

Jolly and Fat


Men that are fat are happier than thin men. Fat women are not. Researchers in Boston studied 45,000 men and discovered that fat men are 42% less likely to commit suicide than men with no extra weight.

Who's the Boss at Home?

If men want a happier marriage, they should let the wife be the boss over household issues. A team of researchers at Iowa State University studied the relationship of 72 couples and found the following:

Women, having stronger opinions regarding their home and family, tend to control household matters (housework, family times, family schedules, etc.). And husbands were the happiest if they did not disagree with these decisions regarding household matters. Husbands who had opinions about these issues were more likely to be involved in spousal arguments.

Teacher Gender

Actress Gloria Swanson in a classroom, 1929 (Library of Congress)Actress Gloria Swanson in a classroom, 1929

There are about 3 million teachers in the United States. 75% are women; 25% are men.

In elementary schools, 91% of teachers are women, and 9% are men.

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